Sunday, October 10, 2010

What the Heck is On My Lamb Shoulder Steaks?

Made these Friday night for gathering. "Yum" was heard by all, expressed by all.

At the start of your day, marinate Lamb shoulder steaks in a one to one mix of soy sauce and lime juice, enough to cover the steaks. I did a nine by thirteen glass pan full (very full, some steaks were folded I had ten steaks in the pan) so I used a cup of lime and a cup of soy, with 1/3rd cup sugar and at least four cloves of garlic pressed.

If your feeling adventurous or want a even more Eastern flavor I wouldn't hesitate to press in a little fresh ginger and maybe some other of your favorite spices.

If you don't mind having a lot of sauce for your dinner you can keep the amounts I used even if you are cooking fewer steaks.

When the coals are ready for a bit of slow cooking. (a chimney full of coals, fired up to half-way red, divided in two piles one at each end of the 55gal. drum cooker, with Alder wood chunks in on top of the coals) Dirt cooked them for about an hour and a half. Started them off on aluminum foil with a foil cover. Half way through the cooking process he removed the covering.

While the steaks were slow cooking take the marinade from the pan you soaked the steaks in and pour it into a nice sauce pan, add about a cup of honey, bring it to a boil, after it has boiled a bit, give it a taste and adjust the honey accordingly, I like to add some red wine while cooking the sauce, I used about a cup. Also butter is a very nice addition, about a half cup or more to these portions.

I cook this at just below the boil-over point (okay, in all honesty it boiled over several times, but that isn't the goal. The goal is to keep it going at a lovely rolling boil but not rolling all over your stove top.) You can test what the consitency will be when it is served if you keep a small plate next to the stove to spoon a little sauce on to to check on it through out the cooking.

If it is garlic spathe season, I would definitely add a few to the sauce just toward the end, or a few green onions, stem and all split length wise.

Those ten lamb steaks fed seven adults and three kids with a few leftovers, but there was a lot of food that night.

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