Friday, February 11, 2011

A Busy Friday!


Not a lot of time on either end of the day, so crock pot it is. Chopped up five small onions - I feel the need for the magic of alliums, put in about a quarter cup of dried celery, a third cup of dried red pepper, a palm of (that's a good amount in the palm of my hand, not full mind you) of this and that: basil, marjoram, thyme, and tarragon.


I stuffed a large tea ball with some spices that I want to taste but not chew, a teaspoon or so of: peppercorns, juniper berries, mustard seed, rosemary, and three bay leaves smooched all that lays on the bottom of the crock, oh with lots of garlic, and then a semi thawed top round steak gets laid upon all that, I tuck the bone under the meat to make sure we get all the marrowy goodness into the broth. About a quart of water in on that making sure the meat is covered and on goes the lid.

Anna couldn't figure out from the yesterday's videos, how to get the two colors started so here is another video that hopefully will explain the process of adding in the two colors. It is freaky because the yarns seem so loose but it's okay, they will tighten up and stay put. You can't tie them in, first off it always shows, secondly, you need to pick up the main color again in two rows, so don't tie the new yarns in!

Have a great day!


  1. Hey Lanny,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm doing okay. Just can't seem to get into the blogging mood. Plus, it has been so cold here not much going on in the garden except a bunch of dead weeds!

    Hope you are well.

  2. I'll have to try the recipe...sounds good and onions are so healthy.

  3. Oh, this sounds just wonderful! Have to give it a try. blessings,Kathleen

  4. I am impressed with the knitting.

    The crock pot is one of our most-used appliances. A slow-cooked meal is the best for cold snowy days.I think I am going to get a crock pot meal going right now.

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  6. Mmmmm, sounds heavenly on this chilly day! Thanks!!!

    God bless and have a warm cozy day sweetie!!! :o)