Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yellow Beef on Greens

Super Bowl Sunday and I told our hosts for the day that I would handle the food. They have the tv connection and the room, I can do the food.

I racked my brain for food that would fit the day, Green Bay Packers style.

It needed to be beef - you know, meat packers. But I didn't really want to actually use canned meat the likes of which was sold under the label Council Meats by the Indian Packing Company. But thinking of the qualities that canned beef would have, soft, fall apart-ish, in a tasty liquid, chuck roast came to mind.

The Leonards, where were off to today, are on a lean and green program, the Vick's should be to. Well 'cept for that fat isn't bad, it is actually good and a person should eat a full color wheel of veggies in a day not just green, but you get my drift. Dinner needs to be healthy. Hard to come by on Super Bowl day.

We, the Vicks, have been eatin' a lot of soup lately and the last game that we took in at the Leonard's was accompanied by soup, I wanted to avoid any connections to that sad day (Seahawks lost to Chicago).

I wanted to incorporate the concept of the main meal with at least one of the snacks. I knew that I had a big bag of edamame in my freezer, which got me to thinking about a tasty beef dish that was served at a restaurant that brought a little plate of salted steamed edamame before your dinner much like the Mexican restaurants bring chips and salsa. The edamame were tasty and so was the beef. The beef was put on top of fresh spinach, pretty interesting.

Problem, I don't want to go to the store. I know if I look up a recipe for Thai beef I will end up going into town.

So I invented what I thought would be a wonderful flavorful beef and be okay for the Swede I'm married to.

Yellow Beef On Greens

Chuck roast or chuck steak: enough for your group. I used about three to four pounds worth, uncut, bones and all into an oval crock pot with enough water to not quite cover the meat.

Soy sauce - about a half cup, this is an adjustable things as some folks need the sodium and a few folks could use a little less

Lemon juice - one whole fresh squeezed

Minneola orange - (sounds like Minnesota huh and that's close to Green Bay, rivals actually) one or two whole fresh squeezed

Tumeric - ground, a generous tablespoon really generous (okay, truh be told, I dumped)

Cardamon - ground, about a tablespoon

Chili Garlic Sauce - a Vietnam product from the local store.

Onions - if you like 'em, put 'em in, lots, they have lots of sulfur and are high on the anti-inflammatory list, way high, so use lots, you'll feel great.

Sunshine Squash or similar kabocha or Butter Cup Squash puree - two cups, or more if your folks like squash, at two cups you can't even tell it is in there.

By this time time your big crock pot should be full.

Let all of this stew in the crockpot until the meat is tender, like canned meat would be if that was what we wanted to use.

Mean while prep the greens for the bed. I was going to just put this all on a bed of fresh baby spinach greens, the heat from the beef will wilt some leaves and some leaves will stay crisp. But I didn't have enough baby spinach so I did half and half spinach and shredded Chinese Cabbage. Toss them together, when it is time to serve, spread a generous double serving (do you know how many veggies your supposed to eat in a day?) on each plate, the beef and sauce will go on top. Once all is soft, lift the meat out of the juice, remove bones and fat globs from the meat and chunk the meat up. Hold it in a serving bowl that will help keep it warm.

Take two cups of the liquid put it in a sauce pan on low medium heat. (If you like spicey intense flavor, use four cups of the liquid, turn it on high and reduce it to two cups then continue).

Mix two tablespoons arrowroot powder with a fourth cup cold water till smooth. Slowly stir into the hot beef liquid. When it is thick mix into the beef.

Spoon the beef over your beds of greens, add a scoop of brown rice on the side (2/3 cup). Terry had some little green onions, so I minced those and we sprinkled them on top of the plate when everything was on it.

Incredibly anti-inflammatory with the squash, tumeric, onion, garlic...

This will be great if the Packers WIN.


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  2. Arrowroot powder..?? Never heard of it..I can tell I just might learn a thing or two or three if you keep cooking and I keep reading:)